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What is


How it began...

In 2019, Raydiant Clay Works began as a pottery wheel in our basement utility room and a midlife crisis.

We were unhappy and lost.

This lack of purpose led to relying on instant gratification coping mechanisms and poor lifestyle choices.

Kylie struggled to create meaning with her art,

and was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes.

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Jake struggled with the direction of his life,

and had landed in the category of obese.

We knew something had to change, so we started with small changes to our diet.

The shift of health, energy and vitality that we felt motivated us to make more significant changes in our daily habits. We realized that prioritizing our well-being affected every other part of our lives in a positive way. 

By the end of 2020, we had a new outlook on life

and a new space for Kylie to make pottery. 

By 2021 we felt like new people, however our careers were not keeping up with our personal development.

We struggled to transition.

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Jake felt stuck in his role as a farmer,

and couldn't accept the vision for the rest of his life.

Kylie felt stuck creating repetitive functional pieces

that took the joy out of creating pottery.

In 2022 we dug deep into the spiritual side of our personal development.

We realized that combining our unique skills and passions was the way forward.


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Now in 2023, we continue our journey through physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Each day brings new challenges and life lessons.

Kylie creates pottery inspired by each new theme that comes up throughout our lives and records the entire process.

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Jake combines and edits the videos to create a meaningful experience that highlights the theme and the people who have influenced us.

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