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Upcoming Art Shows

We would love to see you at one of our Art Shows!

Come experience our pottery in-person and connect with us.

2023-05-15 09.13.22.jpg

November 21, 2023- January 12, 2024

Marshall Area Fine Arts Council
Art Gallery

Marshall, MN

View and purchase pottery that has been featured on our YouTube Channel! QR Codes will accompany each piece to view individual videos of their creation process. Reception TBA.

January 16, 2020-

March 2, 2020

Southwest Minnesota Arts Council
Art Gallery

Marshall, MN

Pottery show featuring tree forms that were created on the potter's wheel and altered to evoke different feelings and seasons of life.


June 1, 2019-

June 24, 2019

Bird Island Cultural Centre

Bird Island, MN

Pottery Show featuring functional pieces and a wide variety of decorative and statement artwork.

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